Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rachael's ten.o.nine.

ten. "i've come to a listening post beyond your lines. i'm all ears, to gather clues and look for signs."

nine. "onward and upward ever forward on and on. hail to thee land of heroes. yours were dead and gone."

eight. "in the flesh face to face with the onset, i forget everything that has ever made me rise again. now slowly leave my memory."

seven. "big fun. no sleep. faces face me. come on. save me. hold on through."

six. "she was just one of those girls. after her, i quit girls."

five. "you might never want me but it doesn't mean you won't get me high."

four. "ive been underwater, breathing out and in. i think i am losing where you end and i begin."

three. "oh and then we start the end. here comes a visible illusion. oh where it starts and ends. you're like a sunset.

two. "i fell asleep in the car until the bumps woke me up in your grip and the tide took me to your mouth. and then swept me back to your palms."

one. "walking around in our summertime clothes. nowhere to go while our bodies glow. and we'll greet the dawn in its morning blues. with purple yawn you'll be sleeping soon."

duh times two.

cheers to raging passion 2009.

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