Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dave Rudey's Hollisitically Scored List

(Good Halloween Party this year)

2009 was the year of the song. It looks like artists are focused, less and less, on coming out with a complete thought it an album form and going after that big “Audi” tune. No knock on artists, but the album, as a form of contemplation and continuity, did not have a good year in 2009.

However, before I begin, I want to reflect on something I said last year, and how awesome and prophetic it was. “Use Somebody is a close second for song of the year. It’s such a great track and really and excellent, strong song“
AND that was LAST YEAR! Talk about an overplayed “song of the year”- Use Somebody has really blown up. I knew that song was good. As I reflect back, I am surprised that I knew it would be THAT good.

After completing this list, I was surprised at how few “concept” records I listened to this year. Artists, and I would put this on I-Tunes, are focused more and more on a few quality songs. Not to say that artists knowingly put filler on records, but take the “White Rabbits” Record or Phoenix “Wolfgang” record for example. Those records have some great songs. And those great songs have no relation or nothing in common with other songs.

Percussion Gun has nothing to do with The Lady Vanishes; 1901 has nothing to do with Lasso- artists are writing great songs but I just do not see the connection between them.

So what is my number one (1) record? Well, I do not really have one. Instead, I have five what I would call “great” records, along with a group of some good ones. If I had to pick, my number one and favorite record was Declaration of Dependence by Kings of Convenience, but I am not sure it is all that complete of a record.

Here is my list:
It is divided into A- records and B+ records with description
Great 2009 Records
Anchor Albums (or comparably good records):
2008’s The Bake Sale- The Cool Kids
2007’s Neon Bible

Declaration of Dependence – Kings of Convenience
- Favorite songs on record- Scars on Land/Boat Behind

1901 “The Audi Song” and Lasso
Sorry to Dr. Moshe- he is right- this did come out in 2009.
"Merriweather"- Animal Collective
(maybe the only complete record- with a theme of loss)

Wilco (The Album)
( I really do not like that Feist song however- feels very contrived and big money)
Am I alone on this one- I thought this was a good record.
Grizzly Bear
(love the Beach boys sound)

Good Albums
Comparable Records-
2007- Sky Blue Sky- Wilco
2004- Radiohead- Amnesiac

Good record. Love Percussion Gun.

Top rap record- “We are- you can call me C-esar

And my final really good record is one I need to spend more time with.

Regina Spketor's -

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