Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top 10 2012!

Howdy Ya'll!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Top 10 too!  This year, we are dialing it back a bit... This means change.  Change is good! 

 Here's what's up:

for starters, i'm encouraging folks to post their lists right back here at (no longer don't go there)

Secondly, no giant e-mail, post, ecard etc with a giant list of rules.  

login is still at and is still 

username: topten
password: albumsoftheyear

put your albums and descriptions up, discuss, justify, comment, audio/visual aids encouraged.

Third (and most controversially)-  i'm retiring the top ten party this year. At least no top ten party in it's the incarnation as in past years.  Will there be a gathering where a bunch of music geeks get together & still hash it out?  ...i am thinking quite possibly ...however at this point, i got nothin'. keep an eye out here for that info, should it come along.

looking forward to seeing you put up your list!