Sunday, November 28, 2010

Top 10 Albums of 2010 Rules & Party!!

Hey there likeminded music geeks!

Thanksgiving Weekend is almost over...
and for the 8th year in a row, that means the following things:

-The Detriot Lions lost at football (and ouch!...extra tough this year...seriously..i thought the streak was ending!!)

- Wigged out shoppers have accosted every Best Buy & Target in the tri-state area like Vikings overtaking a rival vessel

-You're just now starting to snap out of your tryptophan induced coma just in time to slip into a football induced coma

.......and most importantly....Matty B releases the official rules & posting instructions for the:

That's Right!! Milwaukee's likeminded music geeks annual celebration of the finest albums of the year!
Time to lock yourself inside, harness your inner obsessive, crank your stereo, start making the tough decisions & post your favorite albums on my weblog:

...there's a facebook event here

and for extra fun...follow the action on twitter!

In it's 8th year, this is a BIG DEAL! Not only is this a great way to prove your superior taste & knowledge to your peers in list form, this is also an excellent opportunity to find out about loads of awesome music you might have missed or overlooked this year.

and of course, let's not forget the gala event of the lists: "The Top Ten Albums LISTENING PARTY" Downstairs at The Milwaukee Ale House on Sunday December 26 8pm

This year's Top Ten Party takes place downstairs at the Awesome Milwaukee Ale House 233 N Water St Milwaukee WI
Enjoy free Louie's Demise beer compliments of Milwaukee Brewing Company with creation of your list (while supplies last ), talk music & compare lists with like-minded music freaks like yourself!!!

There will be "Mix CD & Online Mixtape Swap" so make sure to bring a bunch of mix CDs of your fave songs with copies of track listings or if you are so inclined create an online mixtape download link & trade them with the other likeminded music geeks!

PLUS- Make sure to bring your loaded up iPod or fave CDs so YOU get to play GUEST DJ throughout the evening.

(and please come ready to the good folks at Milwaukee Ale House have graciously donated the room....least we can do to thank them is order some food)

Talking Music & Helping People in Need
Finally, this year's Top Ten Party has an added charitable element & I'd ask that you please consider bringing a cash donation or non-perishable food item to be donated to The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin Food Pantry. It's an uber good cause....more info on ARCW here:

so without further ado...pressure's on....let's get to:


All lists are posted at
here's how...
Login at:
Username: top10albums
Password: oftheyear

under "Manage Your Blogs" go to "New Post" & get listing!!
(or just e-mail them to me at & I'll put em up for you")

and now....


1. Albums of must have a release date between November 1 2009 & January 1 2011-
always rule #1... always the hardest one to follow.....and for those who say 'I haven't even listened to 10 albums this year!!' my response... there's a month left... the average album is 43 mins...get crackin!! Good sources for verifying album release date: & itunes.

2. Every selection must be accompanied with a short yet thoughtful explanation- Because what's the point of telling us what your favorite albums are if you don't tell us why? (right?) I've been known to write some pretty lengthy descriptions....although a sentence or two will suffice....if not into long form writing perhaps a Twitter length at 140 or so characters?
here are a few good examples from last year here and here

3. NO GREATEST HITS ALBUMS!!!- folks, no ifs, ands, or buts on the greatest hits albums...period. Any inclusion of greatest hits albums will be looked at as a direct infraction of rule number 1 & shall be frowned upon with ruthless dismay. B-sides, rarities compilations & reissues will be taken on a case by case basis.

4. Leaked & Internet only albums - It has recently been brought to my attention that occasionally, albums appear on 'the internets' well before their scheduled release date...moreover... reportedly...excited music fans tend to get ahold of said 'leaked' albums (I know! I couldn't believe it either!!!).... in all seriousness...leaked albums are a fact of life.... if you should happen to get ahold of some contraband here and the RIAA doesn't send a swat team to your house....feel free to include on the list (however including the same album 2 years in a row is discouraged)

5. Audio & Visual Aids encouraged- CD Covers, embedded video, album inspired art....whatever you need to make your point! (if you need help getting those posted, just drop me a line at & i'm happy to help)

6. Positive/Negative Comments welcome- This is all about diversity of opinion & it's definitely a good thing to encourage your fellow likeminded music fans with positive comments...but let's's fun to mix it up with the occasional 'what the hell was that?' comment & a little debate....makes things

7. Other lists, observations & stuff share extremely encouraged- best shows, most anticipated music for 2011, biggest disappointments, hottest indie chick or dude.....general observation about music in general? Other lists and posts are interesting & highly encouraged.

8. PLEASE share this with your music loving friends- Everyone's invited to participate. Everyone's invited to the listening party. (doesn't matter if we know you or not...we want your list....we want you to come to the listening party!)

9. In order to be taken seriously your list must be posted in a timely fashion- Sure....we'll still read your list, however we'll be forced to assume that the reason I didn't see it til FREAKIN JULY was because you just wanted to make sure nobody would read it....Listening Party is December 26. That cool? cool...

10. Any of these rules can be bent, broken or reinterpreted at any time for any reason- So am I telling you that after reading all of these rules that what I really meant to say is that none of the rules matter at all? ....yeah...that's pretty much what I'm telling you.... sorry. don't freak out.

That should just about do it!

Have a list-worthy day & we'll see you at The Listening Party December 26 at Milwaukee Ale House!


-Matty B

PS questions/concerns etc, you can always e-mail me at or shoot me a call at 414-333-6634

PPS- Again, don't forget to come hungry to the listening party to give the good folks at the ale house some additional business & also remember your nonperishable food item or cash donation for the ACRW Food Pantry.