Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top 10 Albums of the Year Lists & Listening Party 2008!!

Hi Superfriends!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!
For the 6th year in a row, that means the following things:
-The Detroit Lions lost (bad...47-10)
-Best Buy opened at the obnoxious hour of 4am
-You've been in a tryptophan induced coma for the last 48-72 hours

.......and most importantly....Matty B releases the official rules for the:

You got it!! Time to lock yourself inside, crank your stereo, start making the tough decisions & post your favorite albums on my weblog:
(which if you're keeping score has gone without an update since last year's list...however that's all gonna change)

This is a BIG DEAL! Not only is this a great way to prove your superior taste & knowledge to your peers in list form, this is also an excellent opportunity to find out about loads of awesome music you might have missed or overlooked this year.

and of course, let's not forget the gala event of the lists: "The Top Ten Albums LISTENING PARTY" at Fat Abbey on December 28 8pm
(see matty's 2nd rate photoshopped e-card attached)

This year's Top Ten Party has a new location upstairs at Milwaukee's awesome Bier Cafe "Fat Abbey" at 134 E Juneau!
Enjoy free beverages with your list (while supplies last ), talk music & compare lists with like-minded music freaks like yourself!!!

We're doing a "Mix CD Swap" so make sure to bring a bunch of mix CDs of your fave songs with copies of track listings & trade them with your friends. PLUS- Make sure to bring your loaded up iPod or fave CDs so YOU get to play GUEST DJ throughout the evening.

so without further ado...pressure's on....let's get to:


All lists are posted at
here's how...
Login at:
Username: top10albums
Password: oftheyear

under "Manage Your Blogs" go to "New Post" & get listing!!
(or just e-mail them to me at & I'll put em up for you")

and now....


1. Albums must have a release date between November 1 2007 & January 1 2009- always rule #1...always the toughest for people to stick to. Haven't listened to 10 albums? Worry not...still time. In the age of iPods & lightening fast file transfers, this should be easy, right? Plus it's cold lock yourself indoors until you figure it out (that's what i do!). Good sources for verifying album release date: itunes. Also leaked/internet only albums get their own rule this year! see below....

2. Every selection must be accompanied with a short yet thoughtful explanation- Because what's the point of telling us what your favorite albums are if you don't tell us why? (right?) I've been known to write some pretty lengthy descriptions.... you don't have to do that (nor should you feel pressure to)....but come can't be that busy that you can't say a few words.... good examples here: here: & here:

3. NO GREATEST HITS ALBUMS!!!- Disagree with this statement? ... "Greatest hits albums are bogus making money schemes that represent no new artistic contribution that didn't previously exist" if ya do disagree with my an entire list of greatest hits albums... see if I care.... but make sure leave room for the new "Aerosmith Guitar Hero" videogame along with a special section about the 2 tracks David Lee Roth recorded with the reunited VanHalen in 1996 just prior to being again tossed from the band immediately afterwards not to return until 2007 when Eddie realized he was broke again.... NEXT RULE

4. Leaked & Internet only albums- YES Virginia! There is an internet!! ....and these days it's a vast conduit for you to get your grubby little hands on all sorts of things that aren't intended to see the light of day for months to come! You weren't supposed to have it....but ya have it....don't worry...i won't judge you.....& yes.... you may as well put it on your list. I'd like to employ a "No putting the same album 2 years in a row" caveat on this one....everybody cool with that? (also please don't read this as an endorsement of illegal j-walking or tearing the tag off of a mattress)

5. Audio & Visual Aids encouraged- Youtubes, CD Covers, live shots, a photo- pastiche ....whatever helps you get your point across. (just no Rick Rolling....that's so 2007)

6. Positive/Negative Comments welcome- This is ALL ABOUT dialogue... We've gotten a real bumper crop of positive reinforcement over the past 6 years (and i'm all for that...the more comments the better).... but i'd also like to see some of the "List Veterans" get into a little scrum every once in a while.... c'mon.... you can't think those are ALL great albums? you heard SOMETHING on that guys list that you thought sucked, right? (just try to stay away from those defenseless individuals who may be posting the "High School Musical 3 soundtrack".... like me....)

7. Honorable Mentions, Other lists, "Worst Ofs" "Best Ofs" etc. all fully encouraged & warmly received- Couldn't squeeze everything you wanted us to know about your musical year into a tidy list? Fear not....we've had some tremendous "Other Lists" in the past. Other stuff that just doesn't fit within the restrictive framework....all good....moving on..

8. PLEASE share this with your music loving friends- Everyone's invited to participate. Everyone's invited to the listening party. (doesn't matter if we know you or not...we want your list....we want you to come to the listening party!)

9. In order to be taken seriously your list must be posted in a timely fashion- Sure....we'll still read your list, however we'll be forced to assume that the reason I didn't see it til FREAKIN JULY was because you just wanted to make sure nobody would read it....Listening Party is December 28. Can we do that?

10. Any of these rules can be bent, broken or reinterpreted at any time for any reason- So am I telling you that after reading all of these rules that what I really meant to say is that none of the rules matter at all? ....yeah...that's pretty much what I'm telling you.... don't freak out.

anyhoo.....happy listing!

See you at The Listening Party December 28 at Fat Abbey!!

(if questions/concerns etc, you can always e-mail me at or shoot me a call at 414-333-6634)


-Matty B