Sunday, December 13, 2009

Litsa de Chad 2009 - Bailamos Edition

Chad Spielmann's best albums of 2009

1. Dirty Projectors
Bitte Orca

magnificent solid album completely through. kudos.

2. Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest 2009 was the year of bringing the music back to New York City. The second Brooklyn renaissance is producing great music and Grizzly Bear is leading the pack. ;) These guys are absolutely fantastic musicians and composed a great album all the way through. Seeing a band perform the record live is crucial to me and unlike Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear really translated the record live at the Pabst Theater this year and also carried it over to a festival performance at Pitchfork.

3. Girls- Album
The first listen hooked me. Great lyrics, catchy guitar riffs, acoustic/electric/fast/slow, its a fun album.

JJ- jj jj n° 2

This album is fantastic. JJ, a mysterious duo from Sweden, combines global hip hop, island beats, ambience and to top it off, beautiful swedish female vocals. Do not be discouraged by the blood stained pot leaf album cover, the main theme is the pursuit of love/happiness. Its also a great dance album full of fresh beats to shake the ass.

5. Japandroids- Post-Nothing
"I don't want to worry about dying, I just want to worry about those sunshine girls." This Canadian duo stole my summer with their very fuzzy guitar drenched album, Post-Nothing. It's not complicated but very catchy and lodges in your brain. I had the pleasure of catching these guys at Pitchfork Music Festival and High Noon Saloon in Madison. Much like the album, the live Japandroids set is non stop energy and the loudest thing you will ever hear. And Japandroids... awesome band name.

6. Pains of Being Pure at Heart
-Pains of Being Pure at Heart/Higher than the Stars E.P.
Along with M83 and the Japandroids, Pains of Being Pure at Heart is great summer music. This album is like a 5 hour power drink for your ears.

7. Pink Mountaintops- Outside Love
3rd album from Black Mountain's Stephen McBean. Lo-fi psychedelic rock at its best. "im a vampire. you can suck out my blood. but you cant suck out the heart of my love.

8. Animal Collective
-Merriweather Post Pavilion

It was decided early on that this album would make my list and made me revisit Strawberry Jam and the latter albums a lot more. I will have to admit I wasn't a fan behind the touring of Merriweather Post Pavilion from the minamalist stage set up to the off key songs. Strawberry Jam held up way better not to mention they had the best stage lights since My Morning Jacket - Riverside two times ago.

9. Fanfarlo- Reservoir
This album will soon be stuck in your head. London indie based outfit with heavy mandolin, trumpet, violin use. For fans of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Harlem Shakes. Such a damn good catchy record.

10. Bibio- Ambivalence Avenue

I think this album deserves more attention. British music producer Stephen Wilkinson combines infectious hip hop beats, swanky guitar riffs and great vocals to sew together a pretty solid album worth your listen. Each song sounds as if it was produced by a different artist. Theres some ambient atmospheric jams and also some acoustic guitar accompanied by some more fresh beats and samples. Fresh beats.

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