Sunday, December 27, 2009

abby & sophie's top ten and then some

first, i'd like to say that my husb. has excellent picks
then, nothing flashy because a magician never reveals the secrets behind her illusions, but tada!!:

10. the yeah yeah yeahs "it's blitz!"

9. the pains of being pure at heart "the pains of being pure at heart"

8. choir of young believers "this is for the white in your eyes"

7. bat for lashes "two suns"

6. st vincent "actor"

5. neko case "middle cyclone"

4. the decemberists "the hazards of love"

3. camera obscura "my maudlin career"

2. elvis perkins in dearland "elvis perkins in dearland"

1. karen o & the kids "where the wild things are"

we also like listening to:
yim yames "tribute to"
laura gibson "beasts of season"
sufjan stevens "the bqe"

plus two tracks off albums not on this list that are awesome:
the dirty projectors "stillness is the move"
julian casablancas "11th dimension"


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