Sunday, December 13, 2009

Matt Brusky's Top 10 list


Best of 2009

Top 10 albums

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  1. X – The xx. A sparse, simple and beautiful album.

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  1. Logos – Atlas Sound. Walkabout is a masterpiece and the rest of the album is great.

  1. Actor – St. Vincent. I am in love with Annie Clark. She is a music geek’s musician. This album has few holes and many high points

  1. Small Black – Small Black. Best EP of the year. Of all the new bands this year, I have the highest expectations for Small Black based off of this debut.

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    5. The Fresh and Onlys – S/T. A true sleeper from the left coast. I spent much of the summer listening to this band. They had 2 strong albums out this year (the other was Grey-Eyed Girl.)

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  1. Astro Coast – Surfer Blood. This album has not been released yet. However, much of it is out and I think it is the best surf rock album in a great year in surf rock. If Surfer Blood can’t count “Summertime” by The Drums replaces Astro Coast because a surf rock album most by in my top 10 list.

  1. Ecstatic – Mos Def. All year I could not stop listening to this album. No lulls in my love for Ecstatic throughout 2009.

  1. See Mystery Lights – YACHT. A strange band that makes fun music my two sons and I kept listening to in the car all summer. Psychic City was great summer pop song.

  1. Born Again Revisited – Times New Viking. I think this is their best album. I love their noise pop.

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  1. My There Are Mountains – Cymbals Eat Guitars. As a Pavement fan I really enjoy this band. This record has a number of very strong songs.

Top 20 Songs

  1. Big Wave Rider – Rainbow Bridge
  2. Peacock and Wing- The Fresh and Onlys
  3. Walkabout – Atlas Sound
  4. Psychic City – YACHT
  5. Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums
  6. Ultra Violence and Beethoven – Baby Monster
  7. Couldn’t Come – Invaders
  8. Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian
  9. My Will is Good – Port O’Brien
  10. Future Primitive – Papercuts
  11. Be My Girl – Smith Westerns
  12. Clarence – Sic Alps
  13. Fences – Phoenix
  14. Dominos – Big Pink
  15. Despicable Dogs – Small Black
  16. No Time, No Hope – Times New Viking
  17. Floating Vibes – Surfer Blood
  18. Love is a Wave - Crystal Stilts
  19. French Navy – Camera Obscura
  20. VCR – the xx

    Albums of 2000

  1. Radiohead - Kid A
  2. Jay-Z - The Blueprint
  3. LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver
  4. Arcade Fire – Funeral
  5. The Strokes - Is This It
  6. The White Stripes – Elephant
  7. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
  8. Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
  9. The Postal Service - Give Up
  10. Kanye West - Graduation

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