Saturday, December 25, 2010

rachael ann's top ten 2o1o

there was a day this year when i looked in the mirror and saw cycles and spirals flailing downward over me... i had a new dream, awoke and knew i had to leave. here is to the music snobs that have shaped me... i miss you dearly... and to my favorite snob who forever possesses a piece of my heart. this is the music that got me here and got me through...

10. how to dress well... love remains.
09. the tallest man on earth... the wild hunt.
08. broken bell... broken bells.
07. tie: sleigh bells... treats and best coast... crazy for you.
06. ariel pink's haunted graffiti... before today.
05. janelle monae... arch android.
04. kanye... my beautiful dark twisted fantasy.
03. warpaint... the fool.
02. the walkmen... lisbon.
01. the national... high violet.

peace and sweet dreams in 2011!

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