Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jeff Tyree's Top Ten Albums of 2010

10. !!! - Strange Weather,Isn't It?

This Album wasn't as good as some of their earlier work, but when your that amazing it's hard to keep reaching new creative heights. The recording of this album is very well done, you'll also notice some improved editing form earlier in this band's career. I had a chance to party with them in Chicago after their most recent show at the Bottom Lounge, and they were great people, not pretentious at all. Really one of my personal all time favorite bands.

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9. Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo

Very solid debut album from a great band in the making. Sub Pop has a bit of momentum here as they have found themselves another gem.

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8. Liars - Sisterworld

Inspired by the city of LA ,90's grunge, and Black Sabbath Liars take another step forward. They continue to produce the most consistent stream of experimental rock that is out their in the current music scene. One of the best bands that you can see perform and they really are underrated for the influence they have on others in the industry.

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7.Matthew Dear - Black City

This is my first encounter with Mathew Dear, and I am pretty impressed. I definitely think this album is any bit as unique as anything else out this year. could have been in my top five if I re-wrote this list in a month.

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6. LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening

Great album once again. This band has now released two consecutive solid albums. The word on the street is that they are one album away from calling it quits. Let's hope that the next album continues to build on the "Modern Day - Talking Heads" thing they are doing.

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5.Girls - Broken Dreams Club EP

Also see, Elvis Costello. Honestly not sure why I think this is so rad...but I do. I think that really big things are on the horizon for this band and their next full length album.

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4. Porcelain Raft - Collection of Porcelain EP

37 year old italian dude who spends most of his time in Austria. Great EP, I really am excited to see what full length will sound like. If your into spaced out, alt rock this is just your thing.

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3.Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today

David Bowie would have been very proud of this album. The live show was a bit more bizzare then good which probably cost this album the number 2 spot. Still a great record with a classic sound that will have you going back to this album for years to come. BTW - this unofficial video is ridiculous!

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2. Beach House - Teen Dream

This is such a well written record that poeple will be covering these songs in bars, record studios and live concerts forvever. Easily their best work.

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1.Twin Shadow - Forget

Best Album of the year. No fat on this thing at all. Every song is just as vital as the next and live performance was incredible. I guess the only question now is "Who wants a mustache ride?"

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