Monday, December 20, 2010

Erv's Top 10 'o '10

So here goes nothing. Hope you all enjoy the list. It took me awhile to make it this year as there were a lot of good releases. As usual I spent most of this year digging through older music and exploring where my favorite new bands/artists get their influences from, so I didn't have a TON of brand spanking new music. I also noticed that somehow, Mos Def creeps into my list every year lately with all the collaborations he's been doing. haha.

10. Jónsi - "Go"

This album is a nice pick me up. Lots of energy all the way through. Honestly, you wouldn't really expect any less from the Sígur Ros frontman. I almost feel like this is the album they should have released after "Takk".
The live show that he put on for this album was stellar! Probably one of my favorite live shows of the year as well.

9. The Dead Weather - "Sea Of Cowards"

This album made me start appreciating the genius that is Jack White. I honestly feel that he can do no wrong at this point. My only real complaint about this album is that I never know when it's done. It always just ends. "Sea of Cowards" puts her hooks in you right away and then just like a falcon, it drops you without warning to kill you and break your neck. I'm always disappointed when it's done and I usually have to listen to it one or two more times right away.
It's also one of my favorite albums to just crank with the windows down!

8. The Get Up Kids - "Simple Science"

Ohhhh The Get Up Kids are back!!! This album hasn't left my car since I put it in my iTunes. As soon as I saw this album, I started smiling. This album, even though it's only an EP, puts you through the normal TGUK experience. You have your poppier songs and your darker songs, all dealing with heartbreak and getting older. Just a little tease as to what's to come now that they are back. TGUK songwriting is back to the good ol' days of "Something To Write Home About". Seriously worth checking out!

7. Conrad Plymouth - "S/T"

My former bandmate plays keys in this band and he had been telling me to check them out for awhile. I'm glad I finally went to one of their shows because I've been a fan ever since.
This EP shows the bands versatility. It has made me very excited to hear the full length that they will release in the future.
The vocals are a beautiful match to the music. I love when bands understand how to play to the strengths of their singer. They lyrics are deep, sometimes dark, but always from the heart and so is the music that backs it. If you haven't checked out this local band yet, get off your ass and do it!

What They've Become by partyhouse
6. Party House - "S/T"
This is another band that I know that released an EP this year as well. This is the only album that I struggled figuring out where I should put it on th
e list. I wanted to put it higher because I've listened to this EP so much, but I couldn't justify it because it's only an EP.
All that being said, I'm excited for these guys t
o release a full length as well. When this was recorded they were still just a 2 piece, they have since added one more member.
These guys have mixed Shoegaze with Pop hooks, without coming off as cheesy, and the vocals are haunting, yet soothing at the same time. Check out the song I posted with this, you will not be sorry!

5. Spoon - "Transference"

What a way to start of 2010! This album does not have a bad track on it. I remember the first time I listened to it, I thought it started off really slow, but then track 4 "Who Makes You Money" started with that droning bass line. I was hooked. The whole album made sense from that point forward. I also dig the demo feel of track 7 "Trouble Comes Running". According to the liner notes they recorded it back stage one night, and they liked the sound of it so much, they didn't really change it that much, and used parts of the demo. This is also another one of those albums that hasn't really left my car. It'll pick you up and calm you down. Love it!

4. Mumford & Sons - "Sigh No More"

I could go on and on about this album. It's strong the whole way through. My only complaint is that the very beginning of the album is very very very quiet.
This is another example of a group that plays to the strength of their vocals. I love the way they all harmonize as well.
This album always makes me smile, no matter how down I'm feeling as well.
I'm glad these guys came around, and I'm excited to hear what they put out in the future!

3. Rocky Votolato - "True Devotion"

I'm always disappointed in Milwaukee when it comes to Rocky. I've never understood why he doesn't do better here.
Rocky is one of the only musicians/bands to write a song that can make me cry. When Rocky sings, you feel what he is singing about.
This album is perfect, from front to back. I really can't explain it, it's just one of those albums you have to listen to.
Get off your asses Milwaukeans and finally start paying attention to Rocky V!

2. The Black Keys - "Brothers"

I'm honestly not sure what I can say about these dudes that haven't already been said.
This is a strong follow-up to their last album "Attack and Release". They also seemed to learn a lot of new tricks when they did the BlakRoc project. The groove that they started with that has totally carried over to this album, which is great.
All in all, it's a solid album, from a solid band, and I've listened to the shit outta this!

1. Gorillaz - "Plastic Beach"

I've honestly listened to this album more times this year than I have listened to anything else at all, new or old.
I was instantly hooked. I mean, how could you not be. Especially once Snoop comes in!
Mos Def is also on a few tracks of this album as well, and well, the guy can do no wrong in my opinion.
They have come so far since their first S/T album, but every step for them has been logical and led up to this point.
There really is something for everyone too, which is a feat in and of itself. I wish I was a better writer so I could explain the awesomeness of this album better, but I'm not. Just listen, and you'll know.

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