Sunday, December 26, 2010

Laura's favorites from 2010

10. The National- High Violet:

Charming and polished songs that grow
with every listen

9. Jonsi- Go:

It's like a happier, speedier version of Sigur Ros.
Jonsi made a lot of bold choices both on the album and on tour

8. Yeasayer- Odd Blood:

Their set may have been the highlight of my
Lollapalooza and the album has a pretty long shelf, still not tired of
this odd one

7. The Delta Mirror- Machines that Listen:

I'm a sucker for an album about chronic illness or death. Each song takes place in a different
hospital room; it is haunting and sweet

6. Arcade Fire-The Suburbs:

Delightful story telling, privileged yet self-aware

5. How to Dress Well- Love Remains:

For those who love lo-fi looping
and falsettos as much as I do

4. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Fantasy:

I love almost every moment of this album, and I haven't found anyone that can't
connect to something here

3. Phantogram- Eyelid Movies:

This album gets most likely to played on
repeat. I've clocked more hours with this one than anything else this

2. Beach House- Teen Dream:

Beautiful song writing, warm fuzzy lullabies

1. Gayngs- Related:

It's a tongue and cheek soft rock album that
works, it's really unlike anything I'd ever heard before

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