Thursday, December 25, 2008

Top 10 Party FAQs!

Hi Everybody

The Top Ten Party is THIS SUNDAY at 8pm upstairs at Fat Abbey here in Milwaukee!! I'm really looking forward to talking music, sharing cold beverages, posting our giant sized lists & listening to some of the years best albums with everybody!

Some really amazingly good lists & write ups this year! Check em out at Thanks once again for helping keep the listing alive!! (if you haven't posted yet, for directions go here: )

People nervous & on the fence about this always have questions about what a "Top Ten Party" is and what it's all in true PSA fashion....i'd like to offer answers to:

Top Ten Party Frequently Asked Questions 2008

1. Q: Yo dude...What's the beverage situation?

A: Free Lakefront Fat Abbey Ale all night with your list!! (while supplies last...)
Here's how it works... you make a list on the giant post-it hang up your list on the wall for the world to see.....I give YOU a wrist-band to drink from the barrel of Fat Abbey Ale that's behind the bar! (tremendous....right?)

2. Q: So come again.... What's a Top Ten Party again?

A: It's a chance to talk about & listen to great music with like-minded individuals!
Music geeks unite! Giant post-it notes up of our lists gallery style, discussion, listening, guest DJ sets, mix CD exchange, comparing of notes & reflection on your favorite musical moments of the year with people !

3. Q: What should I bring?

A: A few recommended items include:

-Your list of favorite albums of 2008
-A few copies of mix CDs with songs from your favorite albums to give away for the "Mix CD Exchange"
-An iPod or CD's loaded with your favorite songs for your "Guest DJ Set"

4. Q: What's with the guest DJ sets?

A: Fat Abbey has graciously agreed to let us control the music & DJ booth for the night....& that means you!

Bring your iPod or loaded CDs & you can blast your favorite songs of the year for our special guest DJ sets! Never heard Deerhunter played in a bar before? well.... now you will

5. Q: ...and the Mix CD Exchange?

A: You bring the love....we share the love...

This really does work much better if a lot of people do it.... bring in copies of mix CDs with your favorite songs (AND TRACK LISTINGS!) and trade em up.....
I recommend 4-5 copies or so (but if you want to do more or less....totally up to you dude).

6: Q: Who's invited & what if i'm not a music geek?

A: EVERYBODY & if not a music geek... fear not!

All friends & friends of friends welcome--(yes...even if you don't know me!) The great thing about this for the non-music-geek is that this really is a great opportunity to catch up on all of the great albums you missed out on!

7. Q: So then...does that mean I don't have to make a list?

A: NO!

Ya gotta try.... that is the one you have to do 10 albums? (probably not)... but we need to see something so we at least know where you're at. (your punishment for no list will be....drum wristband for free beer)

8. Q: So where's Fat Abbey?

A: 134 E Juneau Ave Milwaukee WI

GO UPSTAIRS when you get there!! Fat Abbey is the tremendous bier cafe that was previously "The Lodge" right off of Water St.
corresponding map-age....,-95.677068&sspn=31.371289,75.761719&ie=UTF8&ll=43.046672,-87.912126&spn=0.007057,0.018497&z=16&g=134+juneau+milwaukee&iwloc=addr

9: Q: Is it Free?

A: Yes! (but there's a catch....We're now listener supported...)

With the change of location & natural expansion of the "Top Ten Party", we are moving to the "Listener Supported" model. Fat Abbey has graciously donated the space. (which we are very grateful for) However- beer, giant post-it notes, sharpies & mostly beer... all cost money (not a ton of money...but still takes a few bucks to put this together...). I am shamelessly asking for a small donation for those who feel this is valuable enough to keep alive for future years.... OK, end of shameless plea.

10: Q: My head is spinning....I have other questions that weren't covered here.... help me!

A: No biggie....just drop me an e-mail at or gimme a buzz at 414-333-6634 with anything further.

Don't worry too much about the "What do I Bring", "I don't have a list" & "What's this gonna be" kinda stuff....Just think of it as a great place for a music fan to finish off the year & a fun way to spend a sunday night.

See you there!

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