Friday, December 19, 2008

David Rudey- Top Ten Overall Musical Recordings of 2008! My Number One is Better than Yours!


Britney Spears Circus---????

Really… no not really…. But you are a womanizer..womanizer…wo-mainizer….you you you are…. You you you are…” And you know who you are…. It is kinda of a catchy tune…. Plus she got HOT again!!! Yeah!!!

REAL #10 Nada Surf- Lucky
Release date: Feb 5, 2008

I liked this record. It was an early 2008 purchase and I love the ice on the wing track and Whose Authority is good as well.

But my favorite song has to be the first. See These Bones is a wonderful, wonderful song. “Everyone is right and no one is sorry/ that’s the start and the end of the story/ from the sharks and the jets and the call of the morning/ and life is just bets anyway…”

That’s some good prose my friends…


The Submarines- Honeysucckle Weeks

“Everyday we wake up/ we choose love/ we choose light”

I love this record because there is this awesome Marxist undertone to the whole thing. Smart kids who favor nationalizing everything…. And in the age of the bail out, aren’t we doing that anyway…

#8- Tie- (For a reason)

Death Cab for Cutie- Narrow Stairs

The song Cath helped get me through getting fired from my job at The line, “You’re living someone else’s dream” helped remind me that my boss was, in fact, living someone else’s dream. I digress…

Vampire Weekend- S/T

Everytime I listen to Vampire Weekend, I always feel like maybe I’m in college again? You know what I mean?

Maybe the future Death Cab? Future R.E.M? Future heavy hyped college band that won’t “sell out” for at least two more records. This one was a strong showing nonetheless and received a few good spins on the IPOD.

I guess my number seven band could have tied Death Cab, but really, they are a little too Duran Duran for that.


The Killers- Day and Age

Not sure about you, but I’m a dancer.


Kings of Leon- Only by the night
Better than the Killers record but still a good ole fashioned mainstream rock record.

Use Somebody is a close second for song of the year. It’s such a great track and there whole, “

We are the Replacements now” vibe is excellent.

“I’ve been rooming around, looking down, for all I’d see…”


Bob Dylan - Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8

Check out the Bootleg London show as well….

Crowd: “Judas, Judas”
Dylan: “I don’t believe you…hey boys…play really fucking loud…. Once upon a time, you dressed so fine, threw the bums a dime, in your prime….DIDN’T YOU!!!”


Girl Talk- Feed The Animals

Great songs…best mash DJ around.


The Cool Kids
Bake Sale

Lolapolloza was my favorite concert event in 2008! The Cool Kids, along with Girl Talk, were amazing finds at the fest. “They say if you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home/ but I say if you got five dollars then come to my party.” What a great line!


The Walkmen
You and Me

In the New Year’ is song of the year for sure! I saw them in January at Schubas. They are an amazing live band, and I’m positive they played that song and it rocked.

#1 and the best record of 2008!!!!!!

Blind Pilot
3 Rounds and a Sound

The fact that my number one album is not anyone else’s number one and is- in fact- on no one else’s list, again, proves that my ability to discover fresh new music, (Thanks Dr. Jaime Smith) is far above and beyond everyone else this year. How has no one heard this? And more surprising, how huge in the underground will this band be in the future!

I love three things about this record.

#1- It’s simple and relaxing. The songs, from top to bottom, all occupy an acoustic space.

#2 The songwriting is suberb. Lyrics and music included. From Ovideo (track 1) to Things I can’t recall (track 10) all share strong, catchy lyrics with good melodies.

#3- Track number two (The Story I heard) was in my head for at least two months. “Hey Jojo/yeah I know your name!” Great, fun song… again, relaxing, smart, introspective lyrics with good song structures.

Honorable Mention to make the list:

Coldplay- Viva La Vida (Only because I bought it and putting it on the list makes the purchase feel justified)

T.I.- Paper Trail (Because I guess you in fact, can, have “Whatever You Like”

Honorable Mention- President- John McCain- 2012?

What I need in 2009:
~A new Kings of Convenience Record
~New Brakes for the Jeep
~ A new Novel from Yann Martel (which was promised last year)
~ The new Outkast and U2 cd’s to be decent enough to justify putting on this list, 2009.

ps. I guess we all could have been busters and put in rainbows on the list, since technically it wasn’t released until 2008, but I’m glad we didn’t.

Blind Pilot-check them out!


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I downloaded the Blind Pilot free iTunes single of the week forever ago- it was okay. Nothing to write home about- kinda sleepy. I still listen to it on a regular basis, though.