Sunday, December 28, 2008

Girl Talk Told Me To Live Forver

Howdy -

Unfortunately the Girl Talk album didn't make my top 10 this year, but it was up there. The show was amazing and one of those
 nights you'll never forget (umm...OBAMA?).

Any who, here is my list! Enjoy?

These are in no particular order, but because they are all equally outstanding.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 
Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
By far, probably one of my favorite artists besides PJ Harvey. 
This album is just a solid listen from start to finish. This reminds 
me more of earlier Nick Cave (Henry's Dream, From Her to Eternity, etc), but even dryer. Probably one of his hardest rocking albums,but one of his best. Thanks Grinderman.

Black Mountain
In the Future
I like this album for two reasons. 
One, the fuzzy guitars and muffled vocals take me back to my 
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album and two, 
it came out on my birthday. 

David Byrne and Brian Eno  
Everything That Happens, Will Happen Today
It's David Byrne and Brian Eno.

Wackiness!  How would you describe this band to someone?
Hip-hop, electronic, funky, nasally, indie-punk?
That's my best shot.

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks
Real Emotional Trash
Trippy. Great album, great guitar work (as always), oddball lyrics
and killer drumming. Honestly, this album wouldn't be what it was 
without Janet Weiss on the drums. She really brought a new edge
to the Jicks,and I had the pleasure of watching it all live.
Phenomenal show.

A Mad & Faithful Telling
This album was definitely a grower, but wow did it grow. 
I just checked my iTunes and it says I've listened to this album 
57 times. Just a really beautifully dark album, rich with horns nylon string acoustics, and haunting vocals.  Really wish I could have seen this guys @ Turner, but I was in Chicago seeing Ministry's last show....
if you wanted to even call it that.

About time, but well worth it.
Lost the DJ, but gained in strings and moodiness. 

Orchesta Baobab
Made in Dakar
Some of the best, doing what they do best. 
This album techincally came out in '07, but was released in America in '08.
Great mix of Jazz, Dub, and Native West African rhythms.

Heard the song "Lights Out" everywhere! From football commercials to internet radio. Just a really great and diverse album of punk, dub and electronica.

Femi Kuti
Day by Day
7 years later, he delivers. Well worth the wait.
A lot slower than his previous work, but well thought out. Great message.
Stand out tracks: "One Two", "Day by Day"

Other Albums (singles) I Really Dug This Year:
Black CrowesWarpaint, The Night MarchersSee You In Magic, Obits7"

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