Monday, December 1, 2008

Discussion Forum #1: How did you Hipsters get so hip?

Added element this year.... discussion forums

I'll be posting an occasional brief, yet broad reaching question to get some discussion going.... feel free to post your own discussion forum if that seems appealing to you....try to keep them short & somewhat open ended so people can weigh in.

(when you reply to these, if you have a gmail account, you can log into comment with that if you don't want to log in as "top10albums")

so here's my first discussion forum question:

Where did you find out about your favorite music this year?

Radio? Magazines? Blogs? Friends? MTV????

I know you've found tons of cool stuff.... where did you dig it up?


Top Ten Albums said...
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Top Ten Albums said...

& ...i will start...

I listened to a ton of KEXP this year as always & my emusic subscription kept me really well supplied.

another radio station that i amped up & is definitely worth checking out is WOXY

-matty b