Friday, December 26, 2008

Carl's first attempt at hipster-ism

Ok guys... here is my top ten albums of 2008 list. Included are 10 artists whose albums I may or may not have listened to in their entirety, but I have at some point and for some length listened to. Please remember to be gentle and limit your musings as this is my first ever attempt at creating such a stamp of individual coolness. Some may say I'm doing this only for the free beer, and to you I say, " yes ". But... I am also looking to sincerely broaden my horizions and be taken under a couple wings to hopefully one day be able to cast my glare upon a fresh new face as such as mine with quizzical skepticism and a disbelief that they have never heard of the newest, latest, and greatest thing. One last apology, this will be a very boring looking list as I don't know how to do all those cool things like add album covers, and youtube vids. Here goes... in no particular order either (it took me long enough to think of, and qualify, these).

10) Coldplay - Viva la Vida: Honestly I heard that main single at work this summer so freakin much I felt I'd be remiss if this didn't get on here.

9) Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend: See above, except instead of Roman conqueror theme, insert funky guitar playing.

8) Atmosphere - When Life Gives you Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold: Heard this beginning of summer and freakin loved it. The rhymes, the beats, it's a great rap album.

7) Radiohead - In Rainbows: Yeah, yeah, ok.... I'm a little late to be cool with this pick. But technically it was released in '08. Took me back to the days of Scotty constantly playing Kid A in the dorm room... eventually it just grows on you.

6) Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III: Seriously, where wasn't this guy this year?? I still remember gettin into his flow when he was doing tracks with the cash money millionaires.

5) Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple: Picked up the album before I saw him at summerfest. Didn't quite get into it like St Elsewhere but it still got good time in the cars cd changer.

4) Flogging Molly - Float: Classic flogging molly sound, tempo, and feel. Good drinking music for a night out excercising one's Irish pride.

3) Fiction Plane: Heard them first at work but didn't know who they were (Sirius sat radio reciever was in back closet). Saw them open twice for 311 this summer though. Amazing live performers and the song 'Two Sisters' is infectious.

2) Kanye West - 808's and Heartbreak: When I first saw the album cover I thought it read '80's and Heartbreak'. Anywho.... I agree the audio-synth thing is excessively played out (thank you t-pain), but the beats are rediculous and since that I come from a drummer's perspective this warrants a listing.

1) Snoop Dogg - Ego Trippin: Yup, so what can I say, dude's re-invented the proverbial hip hop wheel. I mean, 'My Medicine' with a country themed beat and Willie freakin Nelson?! C'mon man. Saw him live too this summer, (Snoop, not Willie) opened for 311, f-in amazing.

There ya have it. Guess it did sort of go in rank of personal preferance too... heh, alrighty then. Hope you guys enjoy shredding this apart and see you all Sunday!!


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Top Ten Albums said...

Not a bad list... Do you watch Fatherhood..? The Snoop Reality show on E!'s a Casey/Dave favorite.