Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Gary's... Music that knocked my block off in 2008

So much music to discover - in so many ways.
Online radio, blogs, friends, magazines, old school radio (yes, we have a couple of stations in MKE playing cool, new music... man, have things changed) and of course, the ever-reliable amazing stuff that surrounds me daily in our office!

FIRST, HERE ARE Some of the Artists/Records that I want to spend more time with:
Dungen: 4
Beach House: Devotion
Bowerbirds: Hymns for a Dark Horse
The War on Drugs: Wagonwheel Blues
Phosphorescent: Pride
Little Joy: Little Joy

AND HERE IS What makes my top 10... well, today anyway.

1. The Cardinals: Cardinology
What if a band turned away from the circus that the writers & critics (and even their own fans) had projected upon them and instead toured and toured, focusing on developing the relationship between band members/instruments/voices & songs? When all of the bullshit stops and the song begins, live or on record, these guys have matured to become the best. Check out this passionate performance of Fix It on Letterman.

2. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
A quiet, lonely recording that announced and demanded a new direction in closeness to the listener in the world of alternative music. And what a Pabst show it was.

3. Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes
Pretty overwhelming and overwhelmingly pretty. Such an instinctive & triumphant return to the power and sound of real voices during an age of over-processed shit. The record business can die quietly now. Again, what an amazing Pabst show.

4. My Morning Jacket: Evil Urges
The greatness of this band is the capacity of their reach that permits their willingness to explore the music that inspires them... and to scare away many of their so-called fans in the process.

5. David Byrne and Brian Eno: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
How many really important new bands have waived their Byrne/Eno freak flags/influence in the last few years? Familiar, yet not nostalgic.

6. Rachael Yamagata: Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart
Lots of people were so scared away by the sequencing of this 14 track cd that they never experienced its overall beauty. Thank god for shuffle because Rachael Yamagata rocks ala PJ Harvey here, in addition to the expected ballads. For me, Elephants eclipses Happenstance.

7. Dr. Dog: Fate
Like a really comfortable old shoe, this band just feel good. Warmed by the glow of tubes.

8. Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend
Familiar beyond their years, this music hits your ears running on the first play. Like your favorite candy that just always tastes good.

9. Blitzen Trapper: Furr
The loose freedom of 60's/70's era Gram Parsons and The Byrds. Hooray for the return of real bands.

10. Benji Hughes: A Love Extreme
Innocent, simple and beautiful. Unlike the artist, these songs are neither heavy or bearded.

Thanks to Matty! Gracias por su amor de música y cerveza. Puedele vive largo y se queda curioso.

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