Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shannon T's Top 10 of 2008

Shannon T's Top 10 of 2008 (in no particular order)
There was so much good music that came out in 2008, I'm having a hard time figuring out the rankings, but at least I came up with a list.

10- Cut/Copy- In Ghost Colours
I am obsessed with 80s music, and its nice that this band managed to capture the signiture 80s sound that I go to Madplanet for on Friday nights.

9- Crystal Castles- s/t Same genre sortof. The entire album made me want to dance. The thing that really got me into this band was a video a friend showed me me from youtube that had the "pink elephant" sequence from Dumbo and the song "Crimewave." Brillant. And you have to give props to a band that uses an Atari to make music.

8- The Raconteurs- Consoler of the Lonely
I actually like this album better than Broken Boy Soldiers. One of my favorite tracks is "You Don't Understand Me." The piano in this song is AMAZING! The album itself has the potential to become a classic from this band.

7- Spiritualized-Songs in A&E
Just beautiful. A wonderful mixture of love songs, religious songs, songs about life and death...the album just flows together perfectly. Not alot of albums have made me cry before, but this one succeeded.

6- Coldplay - Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. Yep, its on mine too.

5- The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
I like my bar bands. I wasn't too impressed with the Supersuckers new album this year, On this album this band goes past the "bar band" genre. Check out "One for the Cutters," which had a beautfiul harpischord. Although I probably would drink myself silly at one of their shows and scream obnoxiously to the music, and I don't think they would mind.

4- MGMT - Oracular Spectactular-
My friend from work got me into this band, and after downloading the album, I could not deny was amazing. "Electric Feel" reminds me of something that would be played in a 70s porn and it made me laugh. "Kids" is another one of my favorite songs.

3- The Killers- Day & Age
One danceable album! Listen to "Spaceman." Classic effing Killers.

2- Jenny Lewis- Acid Tongue
I LOVE Rilo Kiley, and I enjoyed her work with the Watson Twins, but "Carpetbaggers" with Elivs Costello is probably one song that I can't stop listening to. Some of the album is Rilo Kiley-esque, but there are also songs ("Trying My Best to Love You", "Bad Man's World") on it which bear her soul and the country sound that we all fell in love with on "With Arms Outstreched" off of The Execution of All Things. Brillant. She definatley does country better than any other artist out there who is trying to crossover to country.

1 - Girl Talk- Feed the Animals.
Greg Gillis would have failed with this album if it had come out 15 years ago, and been sued for a ton of copywright infridgement. But its the late 2000s, and we are a in a digital era. Personally, I'm not really into the mash-up style that TOO many DJ's do nowadays, but he has managed to make a danceable, catchy album that I just can't take off my Ipod.

Honorable Mentions:
Of Montreal -Skeletal Lamping
Flight of the Conchords -s/t
The Walkmen- You & Me
The Cool Kids - Bake Sale
My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges
Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
Atmosphere- When Life hands you Lemons, Paint that Shit Gold
Belle and Sebestian - The BBC Sessions
Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs


Top Ten Albums said...

Hey groovy lady!!! You have some rockin flave in music.... perhaps we should make some noise of our own.....hubba hubba!!!!

erv said...

The Hold Steady a bar band???

pffft.... hardly....

Bar Bands are like covers and shit...

Hold Steady is like awesome and good!