Monday, December 15, 2008

Jeff Tyree's Top Ten Albums of 2008: The Year the Robots Became Human.

#10 Spiritualized: Surns from the ongs in A&E

Jason Pierce returned from the dead to create another beautiful album.
Their performance at pitchfork saved the event. It was like watching a tidal wave of sound and power after watching the new nerds on the block try to sing like CSN&Y, and fail miserably.

#9. Portishead: Third

2008 was the year of the comeback. More specifically the Brit 90's band comeback. Portishead must have been listening to bands like Liars and thinking. "Hey, we can do that." Then they classed up this years brit rock comeback. This album is not as base driven as some of their previous work but it is just as somber. They really have some phenominal studio production on this album as well.

#8. The Last Puppet Show: The Age of Understandment

Alex Turner is the shit. After The Arctic Monkeys released their mediocre second effort I thought these young brit rockers were going the way of the The Zombies, one and done. They instead have begun to truly spread their wings. On this Turner fronted side project we see that he not only listens to sixties psychadelic garage rock, he can pull it off. Amazing album with inflences that scape the entire 60's music scene. Alex Turner is scary talented. Lets just not hope he's too talented a la the The Coral.

#7. M83: Saturdays = Youth

If I made a soundtrack to a bizzare 80's movie about troubled teenage youth, this would be the sound track. As you can see from the album cover that is what Anthony Gonzalez was thinking too. Track #2 "Kim and Jessie" has been nomintaed for song of the year on numerous 08' lists, and with just cause. The tracks are much more laid back then his previous albums. Take an hour out of your day and just absorb this album.

#6. Deerhunter: Microcastle

This is probably the album that The Shins wished they had made after "Shutes Too Narrow". But they did not. Deerhunter did. I kind of feel like I am an album behind on this band but if this is where I have to start I don't mind. This album is rated higher on a few lists that I've seen, but that has to do with it being the hottest album late in the year. This is still a mighty strong effort from a super cool band. It was very hard not to rate this at a higher position.

#5. Beach House : Devotion

Hauntingly beautiful record. Very close race between this and "microcastles." Real stand out efforts like "You Came to Me" and "Gila" helped "Devotion" climb into the top five. The obvious Beach Boys influence is fantastic. It's as if "Pet Sounds" were a twinge darker, more straight forward and lead buy a female vocalist instead. Their are some great choruses on this album that absolutely channel the darkest of surfer tones. This is the "album to listen to while trying to get some action from a snobby hipster chic" album of the year.

#4. The Walkmen : You & Me

This band is making a strong bid for top 10 of this decade. They have bested the likes of "Interpol", "Franz Ferdinand", and "The Shins." They show no signs of slowing down with their latest release. This a definite relationship album, retelling stories of old and blissfully crooning into the night. Hamilton Leithauser is becoming one of the most recognized indie vocalist of the decade, and with this bands latest efforts they are as well.

#3. T.V. on the Radio : Dear Sciece

What an amazing effort from a great fairly new band. This album is influenced by the likes of Devo, Peter Gabrial, Talking Heads, while maintaining a a funk aspect that keeps this album from even seeming electronic. The Riviera Theater did everything it could to ruin my impression of this band. But was unsuccessful. Songs like "Golden Age" and "Half Way Home" are great ballads that really conjure up some amazing rhythms that make this album a true cross over effort into a mainstream audience. Yes, hipsters, you have lost T.V. on the Radio. It was however, a glorious disaster.

#2. Hercules and Love Affair: Hercules and Love Affair

This was one of the best live performances that I saw last year. Killer show that was a glimpse into the future of the N.Y.C. music scene. Obvious help from members of !!! on this album as well as guest vocals from "Antony and the Johnston's". An absolute tribute to the "disco days" and the boogie down party scene of the late seventies early eighties, combined with post punk progressive rock dance shit, and its marvelous. Get this album or trade in all of your cool points.

#1. Cut Copy : In Ghost Colours

If you do not have this album on your top ten list, schedule an appointment with your doctor to see if you still have a pulse. Best dance album of the year. Best 80's esque band of the year. Best concert of the year. Best album of the year. I caught the drum stick from the drummer of the band so I have to say all of this. honestly though, phenominal effort from a very talented band. This album was so good that it almost made me want to see that awful movie "Australia." Yes! It is that good. So good that I actually bought this album.

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