Thursday, December 27, 2007

Top 10 Party FAQs!

Hey there friends

The Top Ten 10 Party is THIS FRIDAY!!!

lots of you have already posted your lists for our viewing pleasure at:

if you haven't.... there's still time to post!!! (or you can just post at the party... either way!

This being the 2nd year of the Party (and the 5th official year of listing) I always get a number of people who are slightly intimidated by the whole idea of the event (because let's face's a little weird)

so... hopefully the below should answer a few questions you might have (and of course sway your decision to attend!)

Join me and a plethora of cool people for:
The Top Ten Albums of 2007 Listening & Party in the Pabst Theater Pub Fri Dec 28 at 8pm

*come directly up to the pub & knock on the glass door....somebody will let ya in

It will be:
-People talking about, debating & sharing their favorite music from the past year
-Free Drinks! (yeah!)
-A chance to participate in this years "Mix CD Exchange"
-Guest DJ slots
-Your list on public display for all to critique and appreciate!
-A celebration of great music for a great year!!

Suggested things to bring:
-Your top ten list!
-Your top ten albums or an MP3 player loaded up with them...for YOUR guest DJ set
-Mix CDs with your fave tracks of the year to exchange with others (the more Mixes you make... the more you receive.... get it?)
-Friends who enjoy music as much as you do!

and of course... answers to all of you questions

Top Ten Party Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Do I really have to bring all 10 of my CDs AND make Mix CDs? I don't have hard copies of all of them, my friend borrowed the other three, I only download, etc etc etc.....

A: No....Not really. The Important thing is that you show up ready & willing to talk music! (perhaps with an idea of your list too!) Bringing hard copies of all 10 of your CDs to DJ with plus Mix CDs to exchange with you friends would be uber cool of you, however if not possible, maybe bring the music you're most emphatic that other people need to hear. If you show up empty handed... no worries....just be ready to have the know-it-alls fill your brain!

2. Q: Is it cool if my list is less than 10 CDs long?
A: Yes (but you really only had 3 CDs you liked this year?!). Lists varying in length are OK....10 is the gold standard....5 gets you a B+.....3 gets a B-.....grades don't go lower than B-

3. Q: How much are drinks?
A: Free (self explanatory)

4. Q: So really...what is it? I've never been to one of these?!
A: It's a music nerd's dream come true! Last year we posted all of the lists around the room, on giant sized post-it notes & everybody talked loads of music until the wee hours of the night & we had a great time discussing, listening, comparing notes & reflecting on our favorite musical moments of the year.

5. Q: Do I get to Guest DJ?! That sounds like fun!!
A: Yes! Just show up at the DJ table & we'll get you a slot to control house music!!

6. Q: Can I bring a friend, date, pet, etc?
A: Of Course! The more the merrier!! Friends of friends totally welcome! (it is the Pabst too, so if you feel the need to bring your toy poodle "spike"....we're cool with that.

7: Q: Can I bring my laptop, MP3 player....other stuff?
A: Yes!! Anything you can do to make things more interesting, easy & accessible including but not limited to laptops, MP3 players, etc are all welcome and encouraged.

8: Q: Will there be CD Burning?? I heard it was a bootleg-a-palooza....
A: NO!!! This is a celebration of music & a chance to hang with other music lovers like you.... Last year we had the burning as an option & nobody did it anyway as we just talked music, drank & listened all night . The burning turned out to be too complicated for most people (not to mention illegal). You SHOULD bring some copies of mix CDs though & have a listen for albums you should acquire later on (whether through scrupulous or unscrupulous means.... that's your business)

9. Q: And the Mix CD Exchange? What's with that?
A: Well.... if you wanna Mix, ya gotta make Mix I'd suggest you make about 5-10 CDs with track listings included & when you get to the party, swap your CDs for the tastiest mixes you can find.

10: Q: I've got other Questions! I'm like...a little nervous to come....seems weird....whatever....
A: Dude..just drop me an e-mail should really just show up to see what it's all about!! Don't worry too much about the "What Should I Bring" ,"I don't have a list" or "How's it going to run" stuff! It's going to be a great way to finish off the year & spend your friday night!!

anyway...hope to see you there!!

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