Friday, June 15, 2007

This week's picks & TMBG

these guys never cease to dazzle me with their creativity.....

Picks this week

The New Pornographers-Challengers Executive Edition Not ONLY did this band decide that their latest album will be available with a special bonus FOUR disc set (for a paltry $20)....You can listen to the thing (legally!) months before it comes out with pre-order.... much more info here.... (GO DO THIS!! The record is amazing & you should support these ventures from great bands like New Pornos!)

Joan As Policewoman-Real Life Having been out in the UK for quite some time, this week i was finally able to get my hands on a domestic copy of this great disc. Like a combination between Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley & a little bit of her own thing, Joan is quickly becoming one of my faves of the yeater.

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